Happy Mothers Day!


Today in the United States, we all celebrate Mothers Day.  Neither Claire nor I have our moms to celebrate with any longer, but we both have wonderful memories of our times with our moms growing up, and of times we all spent together at our home in more recent years.  We each have a little of our moms spunk or drive in us and we are thankful to carry them in our hearts everyday.

We do, however, have family who are mom’s…..sister in laws, and my niece Kristi.  Kristi and Jon’s daughter, PJ is the love of my life, and we are preparing to add a brother to the clan soon!  Happy Mothers Day, Kristi, Kellie, and Melissa!

Also dear to our hearts are moms, Michelle and Shannon, and their children Anna and Brooks, who call us Auntie Betsy and Auntie Claire.  We love you very much and miss seeing you……….hoping to see you soon!

And, of course we have so many friends who are mothers……too many to mention, so let it be known that we wish ALL our mom friends a very Happy Mothers Day!

To honor my mom, I want to share a poem I had framed for her well over 20 years ago.  I believe this poem really speaks to the fact that I WASN’T smarter than my mom!  I hope you enjoy it!

My mean mom

Now, since this is a pickleball blog, and to celebrate our mom’s, I think we will go play PICKLEBALL!

And, as always…….

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