If you won’t hit the ball to me, why should I play with you?

Once again, I want to welcome a guest blogger - Kevin Douglas from Sylvania, Ohio.  Kevin is a member of several pickleball clubs in the Toledo area.  He is often seen playing in high level games, but also with beginners and intermediate players, always helping them as they learn the game.  Am I the only … Continue reading If you won’t hit the ball to me, why should I play with you?

History was made in the Netherlands!

This special woman, Carmen Lopez from Madrid, Spain is the first Down Syndrome athlete to 1) compete in an international tournament and 2) win a bronze medal! Carmen was supported in every match by the Spanish team on the sidelines, rooting her on! Her excitement after good rallies and points was infectious! After the tournament … Continue reading History was made in the Netherlands!

The world pickleball family grows!

In just two days, I'll be off again to go play in an international tournament!  This time, to the 3rd Amsterdam International Pickleball Tournament which this year is in Almere, Netherlands, a very short train ride from Schiphol Airport.  I'm thrilled to be partnering my good friend Bonita Baker-Robbins (England), and my pickleball husband Leonardo … Continue reading The world pickleball family grows!