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Right =even, Left = odd. But does it?

Sometimes writing articles for pickleball can be tough.  Trying to paint a picture with words to explain a concept can be a challenge.    I was recently editing an article on stacking for another blog site.  In the article, the author, while attempting to verbally describe where players in a doubles game should be positioned,… Continue reading Right =even, Left = odd. But does it?

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That’s just Nasty!

So today at pickleball, I took dead aim, hit my serve and nailed my target!  Smack dab in the belly!  It was a perfect hit!  He didn’t know what hit him!  And yes, I did it on purpose! Have I become “that” player who aims my shots directly at my opponents?  No. Definitely not. But… Continue reading That’s just Nasty!

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Pickleball rule changes for 2023

Pickleball is still considered a “new” game” even though it’s been around since 1965.  It has grown from a recreational game into a sport that now has several professional tours.   The original rules, which were quite simple, have evolved into a much larger and more defined publication.  Each year the USA Pickleball rules committee takes… Continue reading Pickleball rule changes for 2023


Grunting – NOOOO!!!

Grunting.  OMG, please don't let it become a pickleball thing. There are many things from tennis that have spilled over into pickleball.  Some good, some bad.  But this grunting thing is the absolute worst.  Have you ever muted a tennis match on TV? I have, due to some HORRIBLY ANNOYING grunting, especially from female players.… Continue reading Grunting – NOOOO!!!


Sometimes you just need a break

I’ve been searching for something to write about for weeks now.  Writer’s block comes in various forms, and for various reasons.   In my case, I have to admit that I haven’t played pickleball more than a few times all summer.   Playing games with others is usually where I came up with the ideas for writing… Continue reading Sometimes you just need a break

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Great advice from a funny guy!

I've said it before, some of the best blog topics come from the thoughts of other people. If you are on Facebook and haven't yet joined the group Pickleball Ponderings, you need to. Ron Ponder is the founder of this group. I met him for the first time at a Bainbridge Cup tournament in Spain.… Continue reading Great advice from a funny guy!


Pickleball Smash – a fun card game!

It was only a matter of time before someone created a fun card game with a pickleball theme. Rob Morgan has done just that, and named it Pickleball Smash. Rob is an addicted pickleball player, and has been an avid card and board game lover since he was a kid. His first game creation was… Continue reading Pickleball Smash – a fun card game!


Quick tip: Playing in the wind

Boy it’s windy in SW Florida right now! Here’s some advise for playing in the wind!

Crazy Pickleball Lady

Wind can make a game of pickleball even more challenging, especially the serve and service return! 

The server has to toledo windsockgauge the strength of their serve on whether they are hitting into the wind or with it.  Just as importantly, the receiver has to adjust their court position based on the same factors.

Here’s a little tip on finding the right court position when it’s windy:

Let the wind push you into the correct position.

Let’s say you are receiving the serve.  If you feel the wind on your back, let it push you forward towards the net.  This might even put you several feet inside the baseline, depending on the strength of the wind.  Wind on your back means it is blowing towards your opponent.  They are hitting into the wind and most likely it will cause their serve to drop short.

Likewise, if you feel the wind on…

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