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Rules update – Feb. 1, 2019

USAPA has been busy again!  An updated rule book, hopefully with 2019 rules bookrule changes for a better playing experience, was released and put into effect February 1, 2019.

I’m going to make this post the easiest and quickest one I’ve ever written.

Here, you will see a picture of the cover of the 2019 rules book.  By clicking on the image, you will go directly to the USAPA website and the IFP Official Rules page.  On that page you will find this same image.  Click on it, and you can read the entire book for yourself.

OR after going to the USAPA website page, scroll just a little further down and you will see “2019 Rule Revisions.”  At the end of the paragraph in red type it will say “Click here to view.”  Doing so will bring up a consolidated list of all rules that had changes to them.  This is the easiest way to recognize the changed rules!

I found most of the changes to be quite straight forward, and in many cases they simply added clearness to an existing rule.  You will find that many rule numbers are different in the 2019 edition than in the 2018 edition.  So if you’re proficient in knowing rules and their numbers, you’ll have to relearn some of those.

Know the rules!  Even if you aren’t a rules guru, don’t be afraid to ask someone when you are in doubt!

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13 thoughts on “Rules update – Feb. 1, 2019”

  1. I have a weird question and hoping I am stating it correctly:

    If the ball is hit over the net and then spins out side of the line and the other player chases it and it is at a point where it is outside of the net, can it be hit from there and if so does it have to go over the net or can it just be hit back into the playing area without going over the net??????




    1. Cheri…..look at the bottom of the USAPA Rules page in the link on my blog…..there is a link to go to the USAPA store and purchase printed copies.


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