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April is National Pickleball Month!

Every cause has celebration month, or so it seems.  I can’t even begin to list all the things that are celebrated with their own “Month.”  Add pickleball to that list!  April is National Pickleball Month!

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So, what is National Pickleball Month, and how will you celebrate?

To quote USAPA Executive Director Justin Maloof,  “Creating National Pickleball Month for the month of April will help us to promote the sport nationwide to people of all ages, and help to get Americans moving, active and enjoying this fun sport.”

For ambassadors and club officers, it’s a time to promote our beloved sport and drive local awareness and participation.  In theory, it’s a great idea!

But……… yes there’s always a but……. in the northern climes, April is still an unpredictable weather month, and this poses challenges to a great idea.  Many of our officers and members are still snow birding in warmer climates. Our outdoor courts are not open yet, and we have a limited number of indoor courts and play times available.

Still, with a little planning, even the smallest of events can generate interest in the game for new players and renewed enthusiasm for already active players.

Here’s just a few simple ideas that your club could do to celebrate National Pickleball Month.

  • “Invite a friend” day – or have several throughout the month
  • Youth day – members bring children or grandchildren or the neighbor’s children!
  • Beginner only clinics – new players only
  • Drills and skills clinics
  • Club fun tournament
    • Run over several days
    • Round robin – mix up partners, maybe with new players too
    • Speed tournament – 8 minute games to 11, win by 1- round robin partners

Don’t forget fellowship!  Members can bring a dish to share, and in between games everyone can be having a bite to eat with old and new friends!

Sometimes the best events are the simplest ones!  Share some of your own ideas in a comment below!

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3 thoughts on “April is National Pickleball Month!”

  1. I received a New York State grant for 50K to build a 2-court PB venue in Churchville,NY!!! Can’t wait to have our Grand Opening once the warmer weather returns!


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