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That’s just Nasty!

So today at pickleball, I took dead aim, hit my serve and nailed my target!  Smack dab in the belly!  It was a perfect hit!  He didn’t know what hit him!  And yes, I did it on purpose!

Have I become “that” player who aims my shots directly at my opponents?  No. Definitely not. But I did this time.  I actually successfully hit a “Nasty Nelson!”

To explain, a Nasty Nelson is named after a top player, Tim (the Puppet Master) Nelson who liked to incorporate these types of tactics into his game.  All within the rules, but sometimes considered controversial and perhaps just mean.

The Nasty Nelson shot is one where the server intentionally aims at the non-receiving player in an attempt to hit him.  This shot, when performed successfully, results in a point for the serving team.

Why would anyone want to hit the non-receiver?  I’m sure there are several reasons, but I’m only going to talk about the reason I hit a Nasty Nelson on my opponent today.

Have you ever played in a game where you’re getting ready to serve and the non-receiving player positions himself right at the T of the center line and the kitchen line, intending to distract you when you serve?

Apparently, some think it’s a great strategy.  Stand in the middle and block the server’s view of the service court.

But it’s not a good strategy.  And here’s why.

First of all, the only person’s view you’re blocking is your partner’s.  The one who has to be able to clearly see the served ball.

Secondly, your position does not hinder the server in the least bit, at least an experienced one.   We know where the service court is behind you, and can just aim and hit the ball.  If you’re smart, you’ll get out of the way in a hurry, and it will pass by and land in the proper court.  If you don’t move and you get hit, the serving team scores a point.

So, how smart is this strategy?

Ok…..I’ll admit it now.  I actually aimed a little right of him today, assuming he would move that way to get out of the way.  As predicted, he put himself directly in the line of my serve.  Bullseye!  If I had missed him, I’m pretty sure my serve might have been out.

But it wasn’t!  And stupidly, he didn’t change his strategy for the rest of the game.  I ignored him, and just hit a normal serve.  In fact, his sudden movement to jump out of the way could have been considered a distraction, but I was already happy, having performed my first Nasty Nelson.

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6 thoughts on “That’s just Nasty!”

  1. If someone is trying to throw me off, I’ll hit them. You say it does not distract the server. I disagree. I like to go for aces right down the middle, so it does distract me. That’s why I will hit that person every time.

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  2. Betsy, we have a problem with some people swinging wildly that have no idea where the ball is going! Many of our player are wearing eyeglass frames without lenses to protect their eyes.


  3. Betsy you are more of a gamer than I knew😊we are in Hilton head and playing PB on clay courts. It’s been fun and different. How you are enjoying your “blue bird days.


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