Does “friendly play” mean bending the rules?

We all know that when we play in a tournament, playing by the rules is required.  But, in recreational or "friendly play" is it necessary to stick to every, single rule? Boy, that's a question that could spark quite a debate, and actually recently did on another pickleball blog.  It also brings up a series … Continue reading Does “friendly play” mean bending the rules?

What’s the call?

I've really tried to be up on the rules of pickleball.  I've read the rule book, several times actually, and have a pretty good grasp of them. Sometimes though, there are situations that really require some extra thinking!  Here’s a scenario that had me stumped! Player A unexpectedly hits a soft service return, dropping the … Continue reading What’s the call?

Teaching beginners……start at the beginning

There are many different theories and methods for teaching beginners the game of pickleball.  Many clubs offer beginner lessons and skills clinics.  More and more players and professionals are offering their knowledge for a fee, every one sharing a different philosophy. I too have my own philosophy on how best to teach beginners and I've … Continue reading Teaching beginners……start at the beginning