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Great advice from a funny guy!

I’ve said it before, some of the best blog topics come from the thoughts of other people.

If you are on Facebook and haven’t yet joined the group Pickleball Ponderings, you need to. Ron Ponder is the founder of this group. I met him for the first time at a Bainbridge Cup tournament in Spain. He is a well know pickleball referee, often seen on TV/YouTube refereeing pro matches, is an international pickleball tournament traveler, and a self described mediocre player. In addition, he is one of the kindest, most generous gentlemen you’ll find, and rarely takes himself or anything else seriously ……. except for the rules of pickleball!

On Pickleball Ponderings, he will test you with rules situation challenges, and share past experiences that he found interesting, humorous or down right strange. His followers often comment and banter back and forth with him, encouraging his off-beat sense of humor which is usually aimed at himself, and are as entertaining to read as Ron’s posts!

Taken directly from Ron’s FB page post, with his classic humor weaved in, is one of the most helpful bits of advice I’ve read online in a long time. I have taken the liberty of line spacing each statement, so that each is emphasized clearly. It’s good stuff. Thanks, Ron.

Today’s thought (does that imply I have a thought everyday?) … You rise to the level of your inadequacies.

For example: If you don’t have a drop shot you’ll never be a 3.5,

if you don’t have a backhand you’ll never be a 4.0,

if you can’t dink with patience you’ll never be a 4.5

and if you aren’t consistent you’ll never be a 5.0.

Work on your weak areas, not your strengths.

You were waiting for a punchline, weren’t you?

Pretty powerful, don’t you think. Hop onto your Facebook page, look for Ron’s Pickleball Ponderings, and join in the fun. You just might learn something along the way! Or at least have a good laugh!

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