Pickleball Smash – a fun card game!

It was only a matter of time before someone created a fun card game with a pickleball theme. Rob Morgan has done just that, and named it Pickleball Smash.

Rob is an addicted pickleball player, and has been an avid card and board game lover since he was a kid. His first game creation was one he made with his young daughter. During the pandemic, he started thinking about developing a pickleball card game, and after testing with friends, came up with a fun game that also helps introduce and reinforce certain pickleball vocabulary to new players.

Pickleball Smash is a trick based card game that is fun to play with friends or family! The deck includes scoring cards such as “Dink,” “Smash,” and “Drop Shot,” which all have different point values. The object of the game is to create tricks (three of the same point cards), and to add up the point values to exactly 11 points, the winning score of a real pickleball game! However, there are Lucky Shot cards and Penalty cards which will either help or hurt your efforts to secure the win. For example, a “Kitchen Violation” will force you to discard an extra card, while an “Poach” allows you to steal a card from another player. A full game can be played in 10 minutes or less.

There is a RULES card that briefly explains this easy game, and a FAQ card with answers to common questions. In addition, there is a video on the website that shows the game being played and helped answer a couple of simple questions I had when playing it for the first time.

The game package is an attractively branded, yet simple cardboard box similar to what a regular deck of cards comes in. The small cards (approximately 3.5″ x 2″) are easy for anyone to hold, making it the perfect game for adults to play with their children or grandchildren. The small package fits in any pocket of your pickleball bag, giving you something to do during tournament rain delays, or long waits between matches!

Pickleball Smash is a fun game that I will be adding to my list of games to play at our next pickleball party. It also makes for a fun and affordable pickleball themed gift. I’ve already added it to my pickleball bag!

You can purchase Pickleball Smash by clicking below. Save 10% using code CRAZYPICKLEBALL.

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2 thoughts on “Pickleball Smash – a fun card game!”

    1. Unfortunately, shipping to Canada is about the same cost as the price of the game! Rob will look into it again, but said he doubted anyone would want to pay 2x for the game!


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