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Quick tip – OUT !!!!

What?????  Did your opponent just call that ball out that you thought just caught the edge of the line?

Well, they just might be right.  Remember, a pickleball doesn’t compress when it hits the floor like a tennis ball does.  Therefore, the point of contact is much smaller than you might think, leaving a sizable amount of the ball to overlap the line while still being out.

Take a look at this great visual created by Mike DiDonato from the Green Valley Pickleball Club.  In this picture, you will see he has cut out a disk of wood the diameter of wood disk showing out balla pickleball and drilled a hole through the center of it.  The hole is to show you the surface of the ball that actually touches the ground when it hits.  If you place the disk so that the hole outside the line, you can visualize how much of the ball could overlap the line and still be considered out.  There might not be a space between the ball and the line for you to see in order to make a correct line call.

Luckily, not all balls land that close to the line, so not every call is a difficult one.

The only thing you need to be sure of is that you make the most honest call you can based on what you see.

Remember, if you or your partner are in doubt, the call always goes in favor of your opponent.

4 thoughts on “Quick tip – OUT !!!!”

  1. Betsy,

    I like that visual “Ball by the Line” illustration. I’ve been calling a lot of shots “in” that were probably “out”. That’s okay, I’ll continue calling them that way for the opponent. Where this helps me is when someone calls my shot out and it looked like it was on the line; I’ll remember this illustration which will allow me to accept the “out” call more easily and just continue playing and enjoying the competition.


    1. I agree! It’s hard to call a ball out that appears to cover the outside of the line, but will make it easier to accept an similar out call from someone one else! Good sportsmanship!


  2. Betsy,
    I loved this quick tip. The wood piece with the hole in the center really confirms how easy it is to make an incorrect call!


  3. I love this statement: “Remember, if you or your partner are in doubt, the call always goes in favor of your opponent.” I’ve always felt that you don’t really win something, such as a sporting contest, unless you win fair and square.


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