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Part 2 – Does “friendly play” mean bending the rules?

You might remember, a while back, I wrote a short post entitled "Does 'friendly play' mean bending the rules."  In that post, I asked a few questions to provoke some thought into the idea of whether or not friendly play means always playing by the rules.  I got a little sidetracked with other posts, but… Continue reading Part 2 – Does “friendly play” mean bending the rules?

Teaching and helping others

Quick tip – OUT !!!!

What?????  Did your opponent just call that ball out that you thought just caught the edge of the line? Well, they just might be right.  Remember, a pickleball doesn’t compress when it hits the floor like a tennis ball does.  Therefore, the point of contact is much smaller than you might think, leaving a sizable… Continue reading Quick tip – OUT !!!!