Quick tip: Playing in the wind

Boy it’s windy in SW Florida right now! Here’s some advise for playing in the wind!

Crazy Pickleball Lady

Wind can make a game of pickleball even more challenging, especially the serve and service return! 

The server has to toledo windsockgauge the strength of their serve on whether they are hitting into the wind or with it.  Just as importantly, the receiver has to adjust their court position based on the same factors.

Here’s a little tip on finding the right court position when it’s windy:

Let the wind push you into the correct position.

Let’s say you are receiving the serve.  If you feel the wind on your back, let it push you forward towards the net.  This might even put you several feet inside the baseline, depending on the strength of the wind.  Wind on your back means it is blowing towards your opponent.  They are hitting into the wind and most likely it will cause their serve to drop short.

Likewise, if you feel the wind on…

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