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Quick tip: Playing in the wind

Wind can make a game of pickleball even more challenging, especially the serve and service return! 

The server has to toledo windsockgauge the strength of their serve on whether they are hitting into the wind or with it.  Just as importantly, the receiver has to adjust their court position based on the same factors.

Here’s a little tip on finding the right court position when it’s windy:

Let the wind push you into the correct position.

Let’s say you are receiving the serve.  If you feel the wind on your back, let it push you forward towards the net.  This might even put you several feet inside the baseline, depending on the strength of the wind.  Wind on your back means it is blowing towards your opponent.  They are hitting into the wind and most likely it will cause their serve to drop short.

Likewise, if you feel the wind on your chest, let it push you a step back from your normal position.  The served ball will carry easily with the wind and likely land deep in the service court.  You might need to position your self a foot or two behind the baseline.

The same applies to sideways wind.  Wind hitting your right side will push the ball left, so you should take a step left when setting up to receive the serve.  And the same principle for wind hitting your left side, move right.

Remember though, wind direction and strength can change quickly so you have to pay attention to where you feel it coming from with every serve.  If you do, you will find yourself in a better position to make the return shot.

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2 thoughts on “Quick tip: Playing in the wind”

    1. You are not kidding! We definitely must learn to use the wind in our game and learn to laugh when the ball takes a turn or stops dead in its track. A swing and a miss. 😁


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