Off I go!

I love this airport!  Windsor International Airport just over the Detroit River in Windsor, Canada is coded YQG. Its nickname is Your Quick Getaway!  It’s only takes about thirty more minutes to get here from home than it does Detroit Metro Airport, and that included a tollbooth and a border crossing of about 10 minutes. Last year when I flew from here I was the only one driving through and the there was no wait!!  This time, I had a car from Oregon ahead of me with a driver who appeared to be of Arab or middle eastern descent (from my view of him in his rear view mirror) and after a five minute questioning, his car was tagged and he was directed to pull into the inspection area.  Even with the extra time at the border I still arrived to the airport in just under 90 minutes. 

The parking lot is small, requiring about 200 steps from the car to the Air Canada check in counter where there were three agents working and one other person checking in!  I walked though security alone. Parking is only $10 per day (CD) which translates to only about $7 (USD). A bargain for someone parking for 19 days!!  

There are three  gates here at YQG.  Smaller than Toledo!  The woman at the snack counter was still smiling and cheerful after already working 9 hours today!  She even made a fresh pot of coffee just for me!  The best part, a coffee and an apple for $2. Gotta love a strong US Dollar! 

So here I sit, early as usual, but that’s ok!  Free wifi, electric outlets. What more can I ask for! 

Ok…….boarding now for Toronto. I have a 4 hour layover there till my overnight flight to London!  

More later…..from the other side of the Atlantic!  

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