Quick tip: Keep it simple

We’ve all experienced a game where nothing seems to go right. Your own shots aren’t effective, yet your opponent’s shots seem to be threading needles past you.

Today’s quick tip is to just “keep it simple.”

Here’s one way to do that. Simply STOP THINKING SO MUCH! Easy to say, harder to do, you say?

How about taking the “where” out of your shot, and plan to hit EVERY shot to the middle. Then you can concentrate on the type of shot you hit, until your opponent makes a mistake and you can easily capitalize on it.

I’ve done this and have found some success, enabling me to get my confidence back in a game that just wasn’t going my way. And we all know, there’s less chance for an out ball when hitting to the middle.

So…..say it with me now, “MIDDLE, MIDDLE, MIDDLE!”
Try it!

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6 thoughts on “Quick tip: Keep it simple”

  1. Great advice Betsy, I also play better when sometimes I just react and not overthink every shot and then when things aren’t working I get mad at myself which increases the pressure I put on myself!


  2. My best games are when I stop thinking and just react. Sometimes I say just go down the middle, sometime I say to myself “stop hitting so hard or dink into the kitchen” It works. Good advice.


  3. Hey Crazy Pickleball Lady

    great advice! I will try that next time I play! Got schooled this past week and now it will be to change the focus to simplify instead of trying low percentage shots.


  4. Great advice Betsy. Sometimes the best answer is the simplest answer. You might be playing well, and then lose your focus or things just aren’t working like a few minutes before. Going to the middle kind of resets you and helps get you back on track.


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