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Anyone who teaches pickleball to beginners, probably starts with a few safety tips. These little, seemingly common sense mentions cannot be overlooked or be given too much emphasis. They are probably the most important part of a new player's first lesson. Here's a sampling of what a beginner should be taught, before even picking up… Continue reading NO BALL IS WORTH THE FALL!

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They just won’t come to the NVZ line.

Anyone who has played pickleball for a while knows that coming to the non-volley zone line is an important strategy. Being at the NVZ line give you an advantage of not only coverage, but offensive power. More points are scored from this position on the court than any other. We all get into games with… Continue reading They just won’t come to the NVZ line.


Playing against a Junior

So, you've entered a tournament in the 50+ bracket within your skill level. You arrive to find that because of a lack of younger players to form their own bracket, your 50+ division has now become a 19+/35+/50+ division. To add insult to injury, one of the teams you will play has a kid on… Continue reading Playing against a Junior

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Why we play.

It's only September, but even on a sunny day with all the leaves still green on the trees, you can feel that summer is fading away.  The kids are back in school and evening play ends earlier, as the days get shorter and shorter.  The sun is shining at a different angle as it moves… Continue reading Why we play.

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Practice makes perfect……..or does it?

After a previous post, I had a text from a friend who liked what I had to say about practicing skills, but said I should consider that practice doesn't always make perfect.  He went on to say, "perfect practice makes perfect!" Good point!   One made by Vince Lombardi once upon a time. Repeating a skill… Continue reading Practice makes perfect……..or does it?

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From the mouth of Dave Weinbach

Not long ago, I was watching yet another video of a high level pickleball game.  I do that a lot, hoping that via some form of osmosis, I'll pick up on something that will make me become a better player.   Seriously, there is a lot to be learned from watching pickleball matches on YouTube videos… Continue reading From the mouth of Dave Weinbach