Practicing while social distancing

Most of us are not able to play pickleball now because of this horrible Covid-19 virus situation.  At my house, we’ve put up a 10′ practice net in the basement and can work on dinking, fast volleys, and we have just enough room on one side to practice third shot drops.  Soon, when the weather warms up (we’re in northern Ohio), we will move it to the driveway and have some skinny singles games, along with our drills.

basement net

And thanks to our friend Wendy, with a digital cheering crowd!

basement net wendys wall

What are you doing around the world?  Tell us what you are doing to keep your pickleball skills in top form during social isolation.

Post a comment in the comment section!  We all want to hear from you!  If you send me a picture of your social distancing pickleball set-up, I’ll make a collection and post them later this week!  Send to BAK703@BEX.NET.

(Net purchased from Pickleball Central.  Heard they are sold out now, but have other brands.  Use my discount code for 5% off any other purchases at Pickleball Central.)Virus - black with white

And, when it’s over, you’ll want to shout out that you “Survived Coronavirus Without Pickleball! ”  Click the image and get yours now!  Be ready! 

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2 thoughts on “Practicing while social distancing”

  1. Hi Betsy, Bob & I are working on setting up Referee practice thru video conferencing. Bet that doesn’t surprise you! Diane


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