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I’ll meet you at the 2018 US Open Pickleball Championships

In just two days, I will head south to Naples, Florida to compete in the third US Open Pickleball Championships.  This event is one of the largest pickleball tournament events in the USA, and will host nearly 2,000 players this year!  I didn’t research that number…..but read it somewhere.  Sorry if I’m off a little, but suffice to say there will be a lot of pickleball played on the 50 courts at East Naples Community Park!

Each year, the Open gets bigger, and hopefully better.  But with that comes the trials, tribulations, and stress that goes along with trying to have the fastest fingers on the computer on the day of registration!  If you don’t, you will be sorely disappointed, as registration sells out within minutes.  I was fortunate to get into all four events I registered for, although I was on a waiting list for two of them for over a month.  Others I know only got into one or two events, and a few didn’t get into any events, but will go down anyway to cheer the rest of us on and to enjoy the experience.

While I’m looking forward to playing next week in the Open, higher on my excitement list is getting to see many, many people who I have met on my pickleball journeys over the past five years.   I am also looking forward to meeting some people for the first time who have friended me on Facebook or heard about from other friends.

If you are going to the Open, please leave a comment.  I’d like to know how many of my readers will be there!   I’m going to post a picture of myself here.  If we haven’t already met, please look for me, ask for me, and come introduce yourself!  Lets meet face to face!

Safe travels, and see you at the Open! 21761711_10214657824187831_1187826319759026071_n

12 thoughts on “I’ll meet you at the 2018 US Open Pickleball Championships”

  1. I hope you have a fantastic pickleball vacation overseas Betsy! Travel safely and come home with some medals…we know you’ll return with great memories!


  2. Good Luck Betsy, I know you will make Toledo proud! My brother (4.5) and sister in law (4.0) , Gary and Kim Miller , originally from this area and now residents of The Villages will be playing. Never know, you may run across them, your paths may cross! Have fun!


  3. Will be there in spirit!! Best of Luck to you and everyone. Bring home the medals!!!! Most of all have a great time.


  4. Good Luck! Fastest fingers mean faster dinks at the net?
    What an undertaking for the organization, 2000 entrants is a logistical challenge. Hope it all goes smoothly and you play your Best, no matter what!


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