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My pickleball world

Pickleball has been the focal point of my life for 7 years now.  When I retired from working in 2012, I decided to try this "new" game called pickleball and the rest is history.  Aside from staying physically active playing the game, the most important and satisfying aspect has been traveling and meeting so many… Continue reading My pickleball world

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Fancy a trip to Australia?

I can't possibly promote every tournament on my blog, but here's one I hadn't hear of before!  The Australia Pickleball Championships!  Australia is one place I've never been and would like to go sometime. So, it's good to see that pickleball is growing there! Here's some information on the upcoming Australian Pickleball Championships tournament in… Continue reading Fancy a trip to Australia?

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Pickleball tournaments around the world

It's easy to find pickleball tournaments in the USA.  Just look up Pickleball Tournaments on the web and you can search for them by date, state, or just scroll through the endless list of tournaments offered every weekend of the year, throughout the country! Now, if you're looking for a tournament to play in on… Continue reading Pickleball tournaments around the world

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The world pickleball family grows!

In just two days, I'll be off again to go play in an international tournament!  This time, to the 3rd Amsterdam International Pickleball Tournament which this year is in Almere, Netherlands, a very short train ride from Schiphol Airport.  I'm thrilled to be partnering my good friend Bonita Baker-Robbins (England), and my pickleball husband Leonardo… Continue reading The world pickleball family grows!

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I’ll meet you at the 2018 US Open Pickleball Championships

In just two days, I will head south to Naples, Florida to compete in the third US Open Pickleball Championships.  This event is one of the largest pickleball tournament events in the USA, and will host nearly 2,000 players this year!  I didn't research that number.....but read it somewhere.  Sorry if I'm off a little,… Continue reading I’ll meet you at the 2018 US Open Pickleball Championships

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Photos from Bainbridge Cup and 2017 Spanish Open

In my last post, I shared with you the details of the Bainbridge Cup and 2017 Spanish Open Championship.  Now, I'd like to share with you some of my own experiences, mostly through pictures!  I took most of these myself, however I am also including some from other friends.....which I stole from their Facebook pages! … Continue reading Photos from Bainbridge Cup and 2017 Spanish Open


2017 Bainbridge Cup and Spanish Open Pickleball Championships

Well, it happened again.  As my plane home pushed back from the gate at the Madrid airport, tears flowed down my cheeks.  Just the same as when I left Helsinki in June, this rush of emotions was sudden and unexpected.  But, it sure is an indicator of how much I love the people I have… Continue reading 2017 Bainbridge Cup and Spanish Open Pickleball Championships

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Final thoughts from my European pickleball tour

As I sat in Helsinki Airport with my Americano coffee on Monday morning, I was too exhausted to do anything but reflect on the past week I spent in Helsinki, Finland. While my time in Finland was short, my days were full with nonstop activity from morning to night, with a few days stretching into… Continue reading Final thoughts from my European pickleball tour