Pickleball Uniting the World

Since coining the phrase "Pickleball Uniting the World" in 2016, it has never been more apt. There are tournaments and pickleball events being hosted on nearly every populous continent around the world. Amazingly, a pickleball and paddles have even been taken to Antartica and hit between two players in full cold weather gear! Just a… Continue reading Pickleball Uniting the World

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Pickleball Rocks! Uniting the World!

I'm thrilled to announce that Pickleball Rocks has partnered with Crazy Pickleball Lady and is offering my "Uniting the World" theme tee shirts!  As pickleball spreads throughout the world, this theme says it all! Going to the Bainbridge Cup? German Open?           English Open?             Dublin Open?             Spanish Open? Going on a cruise where there's pickleball?  There's… Continue reading Pickleball Rocks! Uniting the World!

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The world pickleball family grows!

In just two days, I'll be off again to go play in an international tournament!  This time, to the 3rd Amsterdam International Pickleball Tournament which this year is in Almere, Netherlands, a very short train ride from Schiphol Airport.  I'm thrilled to be partnering my good friend Bonita Baker-Robbins (England), and my pickleball husband Leonardo… Continue reading The world pickleball family grows!