Pickleball Uniting the World

Since coining the phrase “Pickleball Uniting the World” in 2016, it has never been more apt. There are tournaments and pickleball events being hosted on nearly every populous continent around the world. Amazingly, a pickleball and paddles have even been taken to Antartica and hit between two players in full cold weather gear!

Just a little history on how the phrase came into being. I was preparing to travel to Europe to play in two tournaments. The first in Kent, England, and then on to Helsinki (Espoo), Finland for a second one a week later. In England I was partnering a Scottish player, and in Finland my partner was Spanish. I wanted to give each of them a gift, celebrating our international partnerships. My first idea, two crossed paddles with the USA flag and my partner’s country flag came to light, and I decided to make tee shirts for us to wear when we played, and later to remember our experiences together.

Since then, I have played in other international tournaments, and have created a flag combination to represent each of those events. I’ve also had requests from other players to have their country or nationality represented in a design. Recently, I did a redesign, featuring a simple map of the world on one paddle with a country flag on the other.

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My latest design is one I am very excited about, and look forward to seeing it worn on pickleball courts worldwide! I’m offering it now on tees, sweatshirts, hoodies and mugs for 30% off! (Reasonable international shipping too!) Just click the image!

You can also find Pickleball Uniting the World designs in the Pickleball Rocks store https://pickleballshopping.com/collections/designs-by-betsy-k

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All these designs (and more) are available via my Crazy Lady Pickleball Designs store https://teechip.com/stores/cpldesigns on tee shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, and mugs.

And soon you will see my first truly “global’ design at international tournaments around the world, thanks to Pickleball Global!

Pickleball really does unite the world. Pickleball tournaments and often just local clubs have become destinations for vacation planners such as Pickleball Trips and others. Simple Google searches will help you find clubs around the world that you can plan a trip on your own. Reach out to them, pack your bags and go visit them. That’s how I started. The rewards are endless.

HUGE SHOUT OUT TO: The Kidlington Pickleball Club in England. I found you on the web in 2015, and emailed asking if you welcomed visitors. Ian Wilson, thank you for your reply and warm invitation to come join you on a Friday night! I met so many amazing people at your club whom I still remain in contact with today. My world has changed since that night. Pickleball united my world.

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3 thoughts on “Pickleball Uniting the World”

    1. Hello Christine!
      There are several pickleball tournament websites where you can find listings of tournaments by location!
      One is PickleballTournaments.com. It is probably the most used source for finding tournaments worldwide.
      One I have not used, but came across is https://backcourtpickleball.com/pickleball-tournaments/ It’s a site that sells their own brand of paddle but have a tournament page, sorted by state for 2020. Not sure if they will continue that after 2020.

      And of course USA Pickleball’s official website has a tournament calendar. https://usapickleball.org/events/month/

      If you’re on Facebook, you might join a couple interesting groups. One is Pickleball Women. It’s hosted by Bonnie Coffey, who travels extensively both domestic and international. You can always post a question on the forum asking who knows of tournaments where you want to go. The other is International Pickleball Friends, where you can do the same, plus when there are international tournaments, talk will be abundant on that one!
      Hope that helps!

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