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My pickleball world

Pickleball has been the focal point of my life for 7 years now.  When I retired from working in 2012, I decided to try this “new” game called pickleball and the rest is history.  Aside from staying physically active playing the game, the most important and satisfying aspect has been traveling and meeting so many wonderful people in the USA and in Europe.

Just two days ago I took two young men from England back to the airport after they stayed with us for two weeks, playing in the Toledo Glass City tournament, and then in the Great Lakes Regionals the following.  My pickleball “husband,” Leonardo Gonzalez and I reunited as well, for the Toledo tournament!  All three of these friendships were a started because of pickleball tournaments I played in Europe.

It is now less than a week before we will meet again in Essen, Germany for the Bainbridge Cup and German Open! There, I will reunite with so many other members of my pickleball family, and meet new many more! I’m excited to be playing with two partners I’ve never played with before, one from Nashville, and another from Arizona!   It will be an exciting time! (GO NORTH AMERICA!)

(If you’re one of my pickleball family members, leave me a comment with a “Hi!” and where you are from!)

For those of you who think only great players go to Europe, think again!  You simply have to WANT to travel, and take your paddle.  There are many more tournaments in Europe than there used to be, and those tournaments are welcoming to players of all levels!

If you haven’t considered a trip abroad yet, you should.  And if you are already planning a trip out of the country, check for any tournaments that might be happening in the area you’re going to, OR simply Google pickleball in that area.  You will make life long friendships!

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