Teaching beginners……start at the beginning

As the weather begins to warm up, soon we will be playing outdoors where we will not be as limited with our court times. This will encourage clubs to start teaching more group lessons and new players to seek lessons.

This is a repost of a previous blog post I made detailing the program we use at Toledo Pickleball Club. We had much success with this method and hope you will too!

Crazy Pickleball Lady

There are many different theories and methods for teaching beginners the game of pickleball.  Many clubs offer beginner lessons and skills clinics.  More and more players and professionals are offering their knowledge for a fee, every one sharing a different philosophy.

I too have my own philosophy on how best to teach beginners and I’ve created a simple curriculum to start with the basics.  We are using this plan at Toledo Pickleball Club (Ohio) on Monday nights in our Beginner/Novice Training sessions, and I’d like to share that plan with you.

First, lets define WHO should be attending these sessions.

  • Beginners –  a beginner is someone who has NEVER played pickleball before.  They are a clean slate, waiting to be taught the very basics of the game.
  • Novices – a novice is someone who might have come to open play once or twice, but is not comfortable playing with others…

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3 thoughts on “Teaching beginners……start at the beginning”

  1. Do you have any follow-up guidelines once the above has been taught to new players? I like what I read but be nice to know the next few sessions you would go thru to get them to playing an actual game. Thx


    1. William, Thanks for your question! I spend most of my time working with new players, however since I will play in games with players of all levels, I sometimes find myself in a game with my “graduated” beginners! Although not actual lessons, like we did to get them started, my next steps are teaching them to keep score and getting them to the kitchen line! As soon as they remember to get up to the line, they realize how much more offensive they can be, and fin themselves less on the defense! Once they start doing that, strengths and weaknesses will start showing up, and then those can be addressed individually. Thanks for reading!


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