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From the mouth of Dave Weinbach

Not long ago, I was watching yet anothdave weinbacher video of a high level pickleball game.  I do that a lot, hoping that via some form of osmosis, I’ll pick up on something that will make me become a better player.   Seriously, there is a lot to be learned from watching pickleball matches on YouTube videos and the Pickleball Channel.

This particular game was from the 2017 Tournament of Champions and featured Simone Jardim and Scott Moore vs Sarah Ansboury and Wes GabrielsenDave Weinbach was one of the announcers calling the game.

After watching for nearly the entire first game, it dawned on me that Dave was providing some very good tips that would benefit us all!  So, I started the video over again and began writing a list of his finest points.

* These are entirely from the mouth of Dave Weinbach, with no additional commentary from me.  (None needed!)

  • Keep your dinks down and unattackable.
  • Get those (service) returns deeper in the court……it makes your opponent’s third shot so difficult.
  • The key is anticipating where the ball is going to be, and that is done by reading your opponent’s paddle and their hands.
  • It’s not about hitting a spectacular winner. It’s about consistency and outlasting your opponent.
  • If the other team is at the kitchen line and they pin you to the baseline, they have such a huge advantage. They’re gonna win 90% of those points.
  • It’s all about forcing errors. That’s how you win consistently in pickleball.  It’s not about hitting spectacular winning shots.
  • Always make your opponent have to lift. We have to make our opponents have to lift the ball.  We want to be the team who hits the descending blow.
  • When you get a good third shot, you and your partner need to get all the way to the kitchen line. That puts more pressure on your opponents.

So much free advice, from one of the masters of pickleball!  Thanks Dave!

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