What the heck am I doing?

Setting up a blog with no, none, zero, nada experience or knowledge of what I’m doing is frustrating, but fun at the same time!  After initially posting My First Post and putting it online right away, I left to play three hours of GREAT pickleball at the Silverthorne Recreation Center with the Summit County Pickleball Club (Colorado).  That enabled me to burn off some initial frustrations I had this morning, like noticing the blank box on my Facebook post where the Crazy Lady should have been! Sure, I could delete it and repost, but geez….when Jennifer Lucore makes a comment, you can’t delete and start over!

So I was back at the computer mid afternoon and worked a few things out, including posting a whole lot of pictures of some of my pickleball friends.  I pulled photos from my Facebook gallery going back less than a year!  If you play pickleball, you know your friend list has exploded!

I’m a thinker and a talker.  I like to work things out and talk them through.  I started writing articles for Sylvania Pickleball Club to help some of the newer and also intermediate players.  My first blog (which I will post here soon) was a result of a question a new player had regarding the kitchen line.  Sylvania PC emailed it to all their member and posted it on their Facebook page.  Soon Holland Pickleball Club shared it with their members and so did Toledo Pickleball Club.  So I thought I’d write some more!

Sylvania Pickleball Club is a new club, but it is growing at leaps and bounds.  When you have a limited number of courts, and a limited amount of time (especially in winter) to teach new players, they are often given just the basics and put into the mainstream to learn by fire.  They are usually capable of playing the game, but often create bad habits due to lack of reinforcement, and if not corrected early find them harder to break the longer they play that way.  So, I thought if I wrote a few articles about basic play it might help.

As I was thinking of things to write about, I often would cast ideas aside, either because I wasn’t sure it was “educational” enough, or perhaps my thoughts didn’t exactly follow the thinking of some club leaders. That’s when I started thinking, maybe it’s time to just create my own blogsite and then I can say what I want, and anyone can share if they want.

I do hope that my blogs are meaningful and helpful to you and you will share them with others.  That is, if you deem them worth sharing.

I’d love to hear some feedback (good and not so good) from readers.  I would also love to have you send me questions you might have regarding rules or game situations or strategy.  I will be happy to find the answers or make suggestions to you.  Remember, I’m just a chronic pickleball player who loves to travel and plays everywhere I go, both in the USA and Europe.  I am not a professional nor an expert, but I do play enough to be able to talk the talk.

For now, my brain is fried and I’m going to bed!  I hope you had a wonderful Valentine’s Day!

3 thoughts on “What the heck am I doing?”

    1. One week from tomorrow! Although I have to admit, I am loving it here in CO this year. The pickleball has been great, I’ve had some skiing on beautiful days, and well there’s just some really nice people here. But, I’m looking forward to seeing you and Sarah and pickling with you!!!


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