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Never leave your paddle at home!

It doesn’t seem possible that August is just a day away! Time does fly when you’re having fun…..and I sure am having fun!

Some of you might be thinking about last minute summer vacations before school starts, while others, particularly those who are snowbirds, might be starting to anticipate their winter destinations.  No matter where you go these days, there’s a good chance there is pickleball being played somewhere near you.  So, never leave your paddle at home!

Five years ago when I retired and we decided to try a winter month in Colorado ski country, I had just started playing pickleball.  But, before going I Googled “pickleball in Silverthorne Colorado” and voila! I found that they played at the Silverthorne Recreation Center!  I’ve been a member of the Summit County Pickleball Club ever since, and have to admit I might enjoy playing pickleball more than the skiing when we go each year!  I sure do love my Colorado Pickleball Family.

Last year, we thought we’d try a month in Florida.  When looking for a property to rent, the first question in any enquiry I sent to an owner was, “do you have pickleball courts?”  If the answer was “No,” that property was crossed of the list.  We found a property that not only had courts, but also a very active pickleball club which we are now proud members of.  (Bonita Bay Pickleball Club)  Another branch of our pickleball family!

If you’re staying with friends, relatives or a hotel, check out USAPA’s Places to Play to find courts to play on near where you will be, or along the route you will take to get there.   I suggest that if you aren’t familiar with the area you are going to, that when you click on the appropriate state, you do a search for the town or towns near where you will be, or look for it in the 2nd column “City.”  The list is in alphabetical order by city, but a search is often easier, as sometimes a location is listed in a township name that is not the same as the city, and you might catch the city name in a search.  There is also a “Click for Interactive Map of……Locations” button that you can use for a broader location search.

While as USAPA Ambassadors we try to keep the Places to Play up to date, it is a very daunting task, so be sure to look at the “Updated” date at the end of the listing.  If the date is not relatively current, look for a contact name or website for the most current playing information.  Some courts are scheduled by skill level, others are open to all skills.  You’ll want to know that before you go so you can get the best play suitable for your skill level.

And, of course, with a couple paddles and a ball, you can always enjoy a “hit around”  on any open public tennis court.  You might attract the attention of curious onlookers, and find yourself introducing pickleball to some new players!

Enjoy the rest of your summer!  I hope to see you on a court somewhere in the world!

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