Is 98% good enough for you?

Today was the solar eclipse we’ve all been waiting for across America.  Facebook was full of pictures taken of the event from points all over the country.  Many described excitement, disappointment or how the eclipse met or didn’t meet their expectations.  But the best post of all came from my friend, Lynda Ross.  Lynda and Susan Neely, are the owners of  iDink Wear.  They drove to Idaho to witness first hand the eclipse at 100%!  I’ll let Lynda’s words speak for themselves.

” We had some interesting conversations with a lot of people about us “chasing the Great American Eclipse”.  Many people cheered us on, wished they could view it as well and then others downright “poo poo’d” the idea.  But the conversation that struck us today was the one where a guy said he wasn’t going to go out among the crazies, and get stuck in all that traffic, because from where he was going to be, he would see 98% of the eclipse.  And he said, 98% is just as good as 100%. He really didn’t want to be out with the craEclipse 100zy people who were getting all wrapped up about 100% eclipse!”

She continues, “Today, after I saw the 100% eclipse, I’m here to say the 2% is HUGE!  At 98%, the sun was still shining, the temperature did not drop as low as at 100%, there was no complete blackout, and no corona!  And, suddenly the 2% made so much sense. In life, we make choices to do things halfway,  maybe 75% of the way or just good enough at 98%.  After seeing the total eclipse with Susan & our friends, in a beautiful setting in Idaho,  98% will never be good enough again!  If you are going to do something, anything do it 100%!  This would apply to Love, Life, Passions, Work, or you fill in the blank! Here’s to being one of those crazies chasing memories full speed ahead 100%!”

From one Crazy Pickleball Lady to another, Lynda, well said!  Thanks for letting me share your experience!

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