Are you “Following” Crazy Pickleball Lady?

My decision to write a blog came on a winter day in Colorado last February while sitting at the kitchen table, looking out at Buffalo Mountain!  It was a pickleball day, so I wasn’t heading out early for the slopes.  Just a relaxing morning with my coffee, my computer and a few ideas swimming in my head.  I’ve enjoyed using this Crazy Pickleball Lady blog to share my travel experiences, a few rules clarifications and some other mostly pickleball related topics.  And from the comments I’ve heard from so many people, I think they are enjoying reading it too.

Each time I write a blog, I am able to view a variety of reader information.  I can’t see specifically who is reading, but I get stats on:

  • The number of views (each time you click on a blog of post it counts as a view)
  • The number of unique visitors (counts you only once for your visit that day, no matter how many pages you look at)
  • Which post or posts are clicked on and the number of times they were viewed that day
  • If I’ve included a link in the post, it shows the number of times that link was clicked
  • The search engines that directed someone to my blog (such as Facebook, Twitter, etc)
  • The country my readers are located (this is my favorite stat!)

I’m occasionally asked how many followers I have.  That’s a stat I don’t often share.  If I did you would wonder why I bother.  Oh what the heck……I’ll share it with you.  I have a total of 89 followers.  Surprised?  Ya, me too, and a little disappointed.

It’s a deceiving number though.  It really should say “subscribers.”  In actuality, I have over 1,000 people who have read the blog, but only 89 have clicked FOLLOW at the top of the right column and submitted their email address in order to be notified each time I write a new post.  Everyone else is relying on notifications from Twitter or Facebook.

I appreciate every reader who takes time to come to CPL whether it is to read one post orfollow several.  But, I’d be so very happy if you would subscribe by clicking FOLLOW at the top of the right column and type in your email address.  I promise…you’ll only get an email when I make a new post.

For those of you reading on your mobile phones, click on the blog and the FOLLOW link is at the bottom of the post. 

Getting my “Followers” over 100 would mean the world to me.  If you haven’t subscribed/followed yet, please do!  Even though I know you’re reading, it would be so rewarding to see that number grow!

Oh…..and please share my blog with your pickleball friends so they can subscribe too…..or at least be a reader!

Stay tuned…..I’m heading to Madrid, Spain next week to play in the 1st ever Bainbridge Cup and the Spanish Open Pickleball Championships.  I’ll be posting pictures and documenting my experiences!

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2 thoughts on “Are you “Following” Crazy Pickleball Lady?”

  1. Hi Betsy, You are doing a wonderful job, I read every post that you write and of course I follow you.  Looking forward to seeing you in Madrid, I do think it’s going to be great, not sure about the early starts !! But we are hardcore so we should be ok. Thanks for looking after Charlotte, I still worry about them all but they are free spirits so I know I have done my job. Steph is in Canada with a 2 year visa, she is loving it, but she still has to have an  Ultra sounds and full blood tests every 3 monhs, but thank god she is fighting it.Here’s to a few ciders in Madrid cheers. Love Susie

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