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Quick tip – warming up

Warm ups are for warming up!

When you warm up, the goal is to get your legs moving and to feel the ball on the paddle.  Start slow by hitting dinks back and forth.  They should be easy to return to the forehand and backhand, allowing you and your partner to bend at the hips and knees .  It is not a time to practice your best angle or kill shots!   Chasing balls is wasted time.

Don’t try to win the warm up!

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4 thoughts on “Quick tip – warming up”

  1. Betsy… had this happen yesterday during a game, just want to make sure of the rule. Player hit the ball ( which was going to be out) and her partner yelled “out” after it was hit. So, because the ball was hit, should play continue?


    1. A ball is not considered OUT until it hits the floor or an object outside the court. If you are hit by the ball, catch, block or strike it the ball remains in play.


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