Pickleball in the news!

Toledo Pickleball Club – Local sports TV station helping to promote pickleball!

Thank you BCSN!!  Thanks Brad!

4 thoughts on “Toledo Pickleball Club – Local sports TV station helping to promote pickleball!”

  1. Betsy My neighbor published a local magazine called MLiving. It is a monthly publication and I believe I have convinced her to o an article on pickleball. Her name is Pat Nowak former president of Sylvania chamber of commerce. I suggested that she talk with you. Please send me you email address or phone number and I will pass it along to her. Thanks Jim Anthony

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    1. Hi Jim! My email is Bak703@bex.net. That’s the best way to reach me at this time of year because I play golf nearly everyday and can’t answer the phone while I’m playing! Thanks for the contact!! Betsy


  2. Yay, Betsy. You go Girl! Great interview. Liked the tribute you gave to Pickle Ball at 9,000 ft in the mountains of Colorado….. a shout out to the Summit County Pickle Ball Players! I’m enjoying PB in Brainerd, MN this summer… quite a new sport here. Have a great “rest of summer” and see you at the Silverthorne Rec Center this winter. Carol


    1. Hello Carol! Yes, definitely Summit County Pickleball at the Silverthorne, CO Rec Center……and especially with you and all the players…..is one of my favorites! What a great pickleball family we share in Colorado! Great to hear from you and see you in February! betsy


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