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Seasons change……where will you be playing?

Fall is upon us…. and is quickly passing.  Soon, many will head south for the winter, while others will begin planning for the start of indoor play.

And so the challenge begins!  So many players, so few courts and court times available.

Here’s some questions to ponder.

– Will the tennis clubs figure out how to monetize pickleball without angering their tennis core membership?

– Will membership based clubs such as the YMCA’s allow drop in fee players without regular memberships?

– With an increase in players every year, how will clubs manage skill based play?  Or won’t they?

– How will we teach beginners when there’s not even enough courts to accommodate those already playing?

–  In public facilities, or those that are in the business to make money, how do you limit the number of players attending each session to avoid long waits between games?

– How long is “too long” to wait between games due to overcrowding?

So many questions!

Crazy Pickleball Lady would like to hear from her readers.  What’s happening in your part of the world?  Please share by posting a comment below.

1 thought on “Seasons change……where will you be playing?”

  1. Good post, Betsy! Another question–who’s going to be the first to convert one of the many empty, large buildings around Toledo to a mixed-use sports facility that focuses mainly on pickleball? They’d have to put in some outdoor courts for summer play to keep players loyal to the location. Offering the usual exercise equipment and walking track would help keep seniors interested in year-round membership and wouldn’t take too much space.

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