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The Non-Volley Zone rules in detail

Often, ideas to write about pop into my head when I see or experience something while playing or watching pickleball.  I usually think, “maybe they just don’t know that,” or maybe it’s something I think would help a problem I see someone having.

Pickleball and golf have something in common that many sports do not share.  That is, both are games that depend heavily on honesty, especially when playing recreational games or in tournaments games without a referee.  In many other sports if no one sees or calls the rule infraction or foul, the offending player gets away with it, even though they know they were in the wrong.  This is ABSOLUTELY NOT SO in pickleball.

In pickleball, it’s up to YOU or your partner to own up and call your faults.  IF you look down and see your foot on the kitchen line for example, you need to stop play and declare a fault.  The same hold true if you see your partner commit a fault.  It’s important to have court awareness, and actually look down when you know you might have a foot on the kitchen line.

A vast majority of the questions I get at my local courts have to do with the non-volley zone (kitchen).  It’s also the most common fault I see that people do not call on themselves, even if they look down and know they faulted.  But today, lets assume that they just don’t understand the rules, rather than knowingly not fessing up when they fault.

I’d like to share an excellent video from Pickleball Channel that will explain the rules of the non-volley zone.  Many of you will recognize the women in the video, Jennifer Lucore and Alex Hamner, two of the best and nicest women in pickleball!  The video is less than seven minutes, and will answer all your NVZ questions.  From now on, you have no excuse to not know when you or your partner has faulted……..and will be calling those faults.  After all, you never know who saw it, and know you aren’t calling your faults!

Click the picture below to go to the video from Pickleball Channel 411.

Pickleball 411-Jennifer Alex non volley zone rules

I hope all your questions are answered in this video!  Most of all, remember when you break one of these rules, take ownership and call a fault on yourself!

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2 thoughts on “The Non-Volley Zone rules in detail”

  1. According to this video it is a foul to pick up the ball before it drops in the kitchen even though you are completely outside the kitchen when you play the shot. Is that correct? Alan.


  2. Good advice Betsy. I love the honesty that is displayed in this game. I’m hopeful that it brings out the best in everyone!!


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