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Why we play.

It’s only September, but even on a sunny day with all the leaves still green on the trees, you can feel that summer is fading away.  The kids are back in school and evening play ends earlier, as the days get shorter and shorter.  The sun is shining at a different angle as it moves south, and the mornings are cooler.  Those lucky enough to have trees to shade their courts on the hottest days, will soon be revving up their blowers to clear the courts of falling leaves.

This is a bittersweet time for many pickleball players.  Soon, many of us will leave our northern homes and head either south or west to warmer climates for the winter.  There’s a sadness in leaving our local friends, yet an excitement in knowing we’ll be seeing our seasonal friends again soon!

Pickleball is fun, no matter who you play with, but let’s be honest.  Isn’t part of the excitement due to knowing that you’ll be playing different people soon?  And, the same feeling occurs months later when we prepare to come back home to our local club players!

It’s really why we play, isn’t it.  It’s the people! It’s the play! It’s the fun!  It’s always a little different.  We meet new people everywhere we play.  Sometimes visitors drop in at our own courts, or new players come to learn.

If you’ve been reading Crazy Pickleball Lady’s blog for long, you know that I spend November and December in Bonita Springs, Florida and February in Silverthorne, Colorado.  Two extremes in climate, yet one thing in common.  Pickleball and pickleball friends!  They are all a part of my extended pickleball family.  And, I can’t wait to see them in the coming months, as the outdoor season nears it’s end for 2019 in Ohio.

Share in a comment, why do you play, and where do you spend your winter months?  I’d love to hear what you’re doing!


5 thoughts on “Why we play.”

  1. As my husband and I visit friends in different cities or go on vacation, we search out different pickleball places to play. We are addicted to the game, love to improve our skills and try one more time to make that shot, whatever it may be..but the truth it’s the players!!! The Laughter!! Meeting new people is so easy at the pickleball court…what fun we have!!!
    We have been thinking of vacationing in Bonita Springs this winter..looks like there is already a great group there! Thanks for the post.

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  2. Spot on Betsy!!! We feel the same way. We’ll be heading to Bonita Springs for our winter getaway as well. Hope we get the chance to get some games in with you. Love our Pickleball friends!

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  3. I play for many reasons: to improve my game, for the social component, and to laugh!!!
    We will be heading to Laguna Woods village in CA at the end of October for a minimum of 6 months. I thank you for the patience and help along the way and for getting my paddle back to me last year!

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