Teaching and helping others

Training the trainers

Last year I became a USAPA Ambassador for Toledo and northwest Ohio.  A large part of an ambassador’s responsibility is to help grow the game of pickleball.  Honestly, this game grows itself.  People are hearing about this great game from their friends, their families, and their co-workers.  And as a result, there is a constant stream of curious folks calling or emailing club officers, eager to start playing.

As more people turn up at the courts anxious to learn the game, more individuals are needed to teach them how to play so that they are able to be mainstream into regular open play.

On Saturday, Toledo Pickleball Club hosted its first clinic to train a group of volunteers on the basics of teaching pickleball to new players.  As interest in learning the game continues to grow, it has become important that there are more petrainingople trained and able to teach beginners in a consistent manner, and to facilitate clinics and open play sessions for beginners.   Along with learning a basic teaching curriculum, the group learned drills suitable for beginners or for themselves, and also participated in referee training.  Looking ahead, this group will be the pioneers in developing a quality, multi-level training program for the Toledo Pickleball Cltraining1ub.

Training team Our vision for future sessions is to expand on the basics learned today, and continue with referee training.   Later this season, we hope to offer novice or introduction to pickleball clinics, as well as open play sessions just for beginners.  These sessions will be facilitated by trained volunteers.

Toledo Pickleball Club’s courts are located at 313 Glenwood Rd in

Rossford, Ohio.  You can contact TPC through their Facebook page or their website, www.toledopickleball.com

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