If you want to play in big tournaments…….

Last March, I wrote this post regarding how quickly the Huntsman Games pickleball brackets filled up. After a tense night of US Open registration last week, I bet there are a few of you who have opinions on some of the thoughts I wrote at the end of the post. Therefore, I’m posting it again, without changes.

Lets talk about it!

Crazy Pickleball Lady

……..you better be quick on the court, as well as with your dialing finger!  And, you’ll need to stay up late, or better yet set your alarm to get back up at midnight to register!

I’m not kidding!  The 2017 Huntsman World Senior Games pickleball tournament filled up in 7 minutes!  Yes, you read that right!  SEVEN minutes……..nearly 1,700 players!  https://seniorgames.net/news/pickleball-is-closed

The popular tournament, held in St. George, Utah isn’t until October.  The Early Bird deadline to sign up is August 1, but that date is unnecessary now.  On March 1, at exactly midnight, registration opened and thousands of pickleball fanatics flooded the online registration website!  In two minutes, the mixed doubles events were filled up and in another five minutes, all the events were full and players were diverted to wait lists.

Wow!  That’s incredible!

If that isn’t an indication of the growing popularity of pickleball, I don’t know what…

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1 thought on “If you want to play in big tournaments…….”

  1. The tournament s in Arizona close within minutes my pet peeve is I got in two tournaments (and paid) my partner was 20 minutes later—- both of us were booted!!! Not even on call list might be done with tournaments


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