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Be considerate…..put in some effort when there’s work to be done

I may have written about this before, but it never hurts to remind people to be considerate on the courts!

Yesterday, I played for the first time at the Punta Gorda Pickleplex! There are 16 outdoor courts, and will grow as more phases are planned!  It was a great place to play!  But, that’s not what this post is about.

This post is about being considerate.  It had rained and when we arrived there were three courts that those playing had worked hard to dry.  My group dried two more courts, so there were five dry courts to be played on.  As people arrived, NO ONE attempted to dry off any more courts, but instead waited for people on the five dry courts to finish their games, expecting to just walk on without putting in one ounce of effort to dry one of the eleven remaining courts!

Think about this when you arrive and there are available, but wet courts.  Put in some effort to dry off a court before just expecting to step onto one that someone else has worked to make playable.  OR don’t be surprised if those people don’t come off their dry court when there are others available that you could be playing on if you put in a little effort!

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