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What are you doing?

Many of us are back on the pickleball courts after several months of staying apart, doing our part to curb the spread of Covid-19.  Here in Toledo, all the clubs in our local communities stayed dormant until our governor said it was ok to play, well, tennis.  We didn’t get a personalized shout out that PICKLEBALL could start, but if it’s ok for tennis, it’s ok for pickleball!

Facebook and other pickleball specific websites and forums have been flooded with opinions from players.  You can play safely.  You can’t play safely.  You should only play singles.  You should all use your own ball.  You should wear a mask.  And the opinions go on and on, as well as the posts describing how to start playing safely.

The pickleball environment at our courts is definitely different than before.  There are fewer people playing, and those who are playing have mostly set up their own groups to share a court.  None of the clubs in our area have announced specific club times for people to gather for games.

Many foursomes are using one ball for each game, but are carry their own disinfectant wipes to cleanse the ball, paddles and hands between each game.  Only once have I played with someone who chose to only touch their own ball.  It was a bit awkward at first, not reaching down to pick up her ball and toss it back, but after a few rallies, it became more routine.  I’ve also only played one with someone who has worn a mask.

Some people might think being together, playing pickleball is risky.  Personally, I see it as a lifesaver for many for physical and social reasons, as long as caution is observed.  Sure, there are times when we are closer than 6′ from each other, but those are short moments.  I’ve seen far worse at the grocery store.

Sadly, so many tournament have been cancelled.  Especially dear to my heart was the cancelled English Open, which would have taken me to Nottingham, UK this week.  Somehow, even the knowledge that there’s always next year doesn’t take away the disappointment in not being able to reconnect with all my international pickleball friends.  But, there’s always next year…….(repeat often.)

In the meantime, other than cleaning the basement to make room for a practice net, I’ve kept busy with other activities.  I’ve played lots of golf, 60 rounds since March!  I’m watching less TV, and spending more time working at selling my Crazy Pickleball Lady tee shirt designs, and my new design line called Simple Pleasures (Link here and below).  I’ve even done a couple “Demo Day” presentations and sold a few TMPR Sports paddles.  They have a fantastic line up of new models, their LUXE series!  (Get $10 off a TMPR paddle by clicking the image below and using my coupon code BETSY10)

And, I have to give a shout out to my English friend, Tony Coe, who I now spend my Sunday morning’s with, while enjoying my coffee.  He and his daughter, Toni have a  new podcast called The Coe Show.  It has nothing to do with pickleball, but has brought two distinctly different perspectives to many interesting topics.  When you have time, give them a listen!  They bill their podcast as an “inter-generational conversation about the subjects that really matter.”  (Click on their image below to access their podcast!)

So no doubt, I’ve enjoyed playing pickleball again, but I’ve also been keeping busy with other fun things.  What have you been doing?  Leave me a comment!  Stay healthy.

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4 thoughts on “What are you doing?”

  1. Been playing since around May 5. 6 courts near me are filled on a daily basis. We do our best to keep our distance, play as usual. Another place I play nearby went singles play for quite a few weeks, then regular play but everyone serves their own ball. 12 – 15 players there. Things are getting back to normal. I think it helps that we are outside, in the sun and aware of each other– no hugging please!! Playing at least 4 days a week right now, which is about what my knees and back will allow.


  2. EXCELLENT post, Betsy! I appreciate your perspective, my Friend! During the “shut-down” here in Arizona… only one city (that I’m aware of) continued to allow their pickleball courts to remain in use… PHOENIX, the largest (by far) city of all!

    NO masks… just common sense players showed up EVERY day (except for Easter weekend when they locked up the courts for some goofy reason). We had a blast and for 2 months were able to play while many of our totally healthy, low-risk-to-virus friends remained inside, living in fear.

    GRATEFUL that all or our courts are wide open again, although many folks choose to remain inside, and that’s ok… the beauty of freedom!

    Blessings to ya,
    Tom Bottorf
    Peoria, AZ


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