Special AAU Paddles Celebrate Partnership to Grow Youth Pickleball in America

To celebrate its partnership with the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU), America’s gateway for amateur athletes, InPickleball is giving away 50 custom AAU branded paddles created for the magazine by Paddletek.

Anyone can enter at https://inpickleball.com/aau/ before midnight EST on February 28th.

The AAU leads a movement to make the game more accessible to younger Americans. InPickleball and Paddletek share the mission.

“We’re committed to growing youth pickleball, so we’re encouraging more people to join the AAU. We thought a custom paddle giveaway would be a fun way to create more attention for youth pickleball. The paddle has a retail value of $125 and is sure to be the envy of all your friends!”

Richard Porter, president of InPickleball

Pickleball is America’s fastest-growing sport, and youth pickleball is one of the fastest growing segments. InPickleball and AAU have teamed up to promote the growth of the game among kids of all ages. Issue three of InPickleball contains an educational promotion for the AAU about the benefits to join for families.

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