Pickleball sound – follow up:

Several posts ago, I featured Bob Unetich as a guest writer. He is a pickleball player, a Certified Referee, but more to this topic, he is a sound expert!

If you’re new to this blog or missed Bob’s post, here is a link to it. https://crazypickleballlady.com/2021/07/13/the-sound-of-pickleball-a-detailed-explanation-and-what-you-need-to-consider-before-building-courts/

A hot topic relating to this is the sound that paddles create. Bob is an expert, and has the equipment to test the sound levels of pickleball paddles. He has put out a list what he calls the “Approved Quieter Paddle List.”

This list can be found on Bob’s Facebook group page called “Pickleball Sound Mitigation.” If you haven’t already, look up and join this page. New paddles are always appearing on the market, and anyone can send a paddle to him to be tested, and perhaps added to this list.

If you don’t see your paddle on this list, it either isn’t within the standards Bob has set to qualify as a quieter paddle, OR no one has sent it to him for testing.

Simply email him at itsrmu@aol.com, and ask! Bob will test any paddle that is sent to him.

Below, you will find the most current list. Going forward, look for updated lists on the “Pickleball Sound Mitigation” Facebook page.

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