Rules Questions

Rules Question – double hits/carries

My friend Renee from Sylvania Pickleball Club called to ask a question relating to a situation that came up the other day.  Renee is retired and an avid golfer who started to play pickleball last summer.  She loves the game and has joined the many who consider themselves "addicted!" Renee's question was, "If the ball… Continue reading Rules Question – double hits/carries

Rules Questions

Rules question – wrong server?

Since I started my blog just one month ago, I have received many compliments as well as some suggestion for future topics.  I appreciate both the praises and the suggestions.  I especially appreciate those of you who have added your comments and helped spread my blog to your pickleball clubs and friends!  Each week I… Continue reading Rules question – wrong server?

Rules Questions, Teaching and helping others

Understanding the Non Volley Zone.

Late last year I started writing a couple of informational/educational blogs to help beginners at Sylvania Pickleball Club. I revised them and thought that I would re-post.  Here's the first one. The Non Volley Zone or Kitchen rule  A majority of the questions I’m asked by newer players have to do with the non volley… Continue reading Understanding the Non Volley Zone.