Take care of your feet!

Barely a month goes by that I don’t hear of someone suffering with pain from aching feet, or in some cases they have stopped playing altogether due to foot pain. Likely, they are suffering from plantar fasciitis. I’m not a doctor, but I suffered from plantar fasciitis for many, many years.....over twenty, so I know …

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History was made in the Netherlands!

This special woman, Carmen Lopez from Madrid, Spain is the first Down Syndrome athlete to 1) compete in an international tournament and 2) win a bronze medal! Carmen was supported in every match by the Spanish team on the sidelines, rooting her on! Her excitement after good rallies and points was infectious! After the tournament …

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The world pickleball family grows!

In just two days, I'll be off again to go play in an international tournament!  This time, to the 3rd Amsterdam International Pickleball Tournament which this year is in Almere, Netherlands, a very short train ride from Schiphol Airport.  I'm thrilled to be partnering my good friend Bonita Baker-Robbins (England), and my pickleball husband Leonardo …

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I’ll meet you at the 2018 US Open Pickleball Championships

In just two days, I will head south to Naples, Florida to compete in the third US Open Pickleball Championships.  This event is one of the largest pickleball tournament events in the USA, and will host nearly 2,000 players this year!  I didn't research that number.....but read it somewhere.  Sorry if I'm off a little, …

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Teaching beginners……start at the beginning

As the weather begins to warm up, soon we will be playing outdoors where we will not be as limited with our court times. This will encourage clubs to start teaching more group lessons and new players to seek lessons.

This is a repost of a previous blog post I made detailing the program we use at Toledo Pickleball Club. We had much success with this method and hope you will too!

Crazy Pickleball Lady

There are many different theories and methods for teaching beginners the game of pickleball.  Many clubs offer beginner lessons and skills clinics.  More and more players and professionals are offering their knowledge for a fee, every one sharing a different philosophy.

I too have my own philosophy on how best to teach beginners and I’ve created a simple curriculum to start with the basics.  We are using this plan at Toledo Pickleball Club (Ohio) on Monday nights in our Beginner/Novice Training sessions, and I’d like to share that plan with you.

First, lets define WHO should be attending these sessions.

  • Beginners –  a beginner is someone who has NEVER played pickleball before.  They are a clean slate, waiting to be taught the very basics of the game.
  • Novices – a novice is someone who might have come to open play once or twice, but is not comfortable playing with others…

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Batman has the best advice!

Thank you Steve Taylor, for this well timed and so true cartoon! I play in a small group of ten players one night a week.  Most are 3.5 level players, with a few 4.0's, myself included in the latter.  The purpose of this group is to have competitive games with similar skilled or better players …

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