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Quick Pickle – helping players get better

There are many sources of information for pickleball on the internet.  Websites, blogs, YouTube videos, and so much more.  Each of these is created and supported by someone who felt they had something worthwhile to offer to the pickleball player and/or community.

No matter the platform, each offering is rewarded by the number of people whose eyes it attracts.  Cross promoting sites, or including another blog or website in my own blog is beneficial to my readers so they aren’t just hearing my opinions.

Today, I would like to thank Quick Pickle for mentioning Crazy Pickleball Lady in their recent blog, “8 people and pickleball companies to connect with (2019).”

Quick Pickle is run by a guy named Duke from Denver, Colorado.  He found that many players of all levels were traveling long distances to get professional advice and lessons for the game.  He felt that with quality instructors, online videos would be a great asset to those who wanted to learn without having to travel.

Duke has partnered with top level professional players, Daniel Moore and Vivian Edwards, to create two (so far) instructional videos.  These videos will help pickleball players at every level from beginners to advanced.  For a reasonable price, you get a lengthy and informative video from either player to watch over and over again.

One of the cool things about Quick Pickle is that a portion of each sale is donated to two charities (see these on their site.)  And the best part is that you have a full year (365 days!) to email them and get a refund if you don’t think that the videos have improved your game!

Click on the Quick Pickle logo in this post or on the sidebar to see what Quick Pickle has to offer!

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Click the logo to go to Quick Pickle

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